Monday, March 23, 2020

Judicial Research is here to help for individuals in the filing of their Court documents, during this crisis Corona Virus. We can assist you while the Courts are closed for the indefinite future. Judicial can E-File documents for your legal benefit. Judicial can assist with the filing of new Family Law Cases, new Civil Cases as well as assisting in the E-Filing for all existing cases for a nominal fee. Due to Corona Virus limitations, all applicants should call our office (305) 379-3900, or email our office at: or, for an appointment before coming to our office.

New and Existing Family Cases include the following:
Simple Divorce with no children
Divorce with Children and with no Property.
Divorce with Children and Property.
Paternity Cases.
Various Emergency Motions.
We can also assist with the Family Court forms approved by the Florida Supreme Court.

New and Existing Civil Cases include the following:
Small Claims and County Civil Cases
Eviction and other Civil Cases.

Simply put: We are here to assist individuals who are self litigants. We are not attorneys and we cannot give legal advice; but we will assist individuals with their Court Filings. Our office is located at: 17 NW Miami Court. Miami, Florida 33128. (Directly East of Miami-Dade County Courthouse) Whose address is: 73 West Flager St. Miami, FL 33130.